Lafayette conference, here we are (Sorbonne)

Lafayette conference, here we are (Sorbonne)

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The Société des Cincinnati de France, an association working for Franco-American friendship, is organizing an historic international conference on November 24 and 25, 2017 on the American engagement in France during the First World War. Paris Sorbonne University will host its debates.

April 6, 1917: this date of the entry into the war of the United States changed the course of history and renewed the links between French and Americans. After an opening by a high political authority, Professor André Kaspi will deliver the inaugural conference of the colloquium by presenting the major issues. Then, the best American and French historians will analyze this event which revealed to the world that a new very great power was born. This external commitment enabled it to acquire a first-rate military instrument. He helped train future generals like George S. Patton and George C. Marshall.

For Bernard de Montferrand, president of the Société des Cincinnati de France, former ambassador: “this international conference will be the unique opportunity to make the study of the past an instrument for understanding today's world. For the centenary of the United States' entry into the war in 1917, this scientific event contributes to a better understanding of the mentalities of the two countries and contributes to the bonds of friendship that have united them for 234 years now. "

A round table of business leaders will discuss the role of history and culture in investing and trading on both sides of the Atlantic.

The conference will be open to the general public upon reservation.

“Lafayette, here we are” conference, the American engagement in France in 1917. On November 24 and 25, 2017, Société des Cincinnati de France - Paris Sorbonne University.

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