The great Bêtisier in French history

The great Bêtisier in French history

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25 centuries of French history in 700 pages told in a very playful way in "the great Bêtisier of the History of France": this is the daring and successful bet for the historian that is Alain Dag'Naud. From the Gauls to our current President of the Republic François Hollande, nobody and no period are spared.

Each chapter corresponds to a period and its great main character (king or president) with a reminder of important dates, an explanation of the terms used, two words about their contemporaries, a summary of historical highlights, anecdotes, witticisms , lines of humor, all forming a short and varied text.

The story is told differently by showing, for example, that a stupidity turns into an advantage or a benefit, that mistakes can lead to success, that assassinations have been perpetrated for little things, that decisions have been taken in such a way. incomprehensible.

It is a work, a little big maybe, but to put in all hands, for all those who consider that "real history books" are boring, to easily learn and understand the History of France, in a fun way . A small downside, however, as to the puns becoming a little too heavy despite everything ....

The great Bêtisier in the History of France, by Alain Dag'Naud. Larousse, October 2014.

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